San Jose Ranch was established in 1920 by Valentine & Bruna Puig, a pioneering family that helped settle Laredo, Texas. The Puigs purchased a ranch and developed it into their summer home, planting cotton and raising cattle. Three generations later John & Ana Puig had a change-of-life after retirement dream to establish a Bed and Make Your Own Breakfast eco-center for nature lovers. As once said in the movie Field of Dreams, “Build it and they will come” the Puigs have done just that by building two very unique casitas for guests to enjoy.

The dream really goes much deeper as John & Ana want to share with fellow nature lovers the beauty and blessings of San Jose Ranch. The basic idea is to provide a place for adventurers to come see and relax in a setting like no other. Las Casitas de San Jose is not your everyday vacation stop, but if you are looking for a special way to spend a few memorable days this should be high on your list for unique places.

Come to enjoy the wonder, the excitement, and the beauty of South Texas at your own pace. Come to where you can relax on the front porch as the pond dwellers entertain you or snuggle up with your favorite book on the window seat. Come let the wind speak to you as you walk the trails to discover nature or adventure out into the “monte” (brush land) and let your senses inhale the glory of uncharted new worlds. Come to find the inner child your hectic world has lost to you. Cook, don’t cook, bathe, don’t bathe, set the alarm or sleep in late, bring your laptop or forget the usual, dress in full camo get-up or wangy worn out warm-ups.

Come to Las Casitas de San Jose, a place like no other to recharge your spirit…….so come empty and leave full.