You select the adventure your way
Las Casitas de San Jose

Some ideas to plan your special place in time

Birding Adventure

We are in a natural habitat and migrating pathway for many birds, butterflies, and dragonflies. Choose your favorite way to observe and enjoy or photograph in our many unique viewing areas, unspoiled monte, pond, or birding blinds all with sunshine by the buckets. Make sure you see the pictures of our Bird Blind #1 capable of holding 8-10 photographers at once or just enjoy it yourself. We will be constructing three more hopefully to be finished by March 1, 2011.

Some of the birds you may see include:

Owls, Green Jays, Thrashers, Cactus Wrens, Crested Caracaras, Hawks, Painted Buntings, Roseate Spoonbills, Egrets, Ducks, Meadow Larks, Ravens, Brown-headed Cowbirds, Roadrunners, Quail, Orioles, Scissor-tailed Flycatchers, Doves, Northern Cardinals, Pyrrhuloxias, Black-crested Titmice, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Woodpeckers, Indigo Buntings, Couch King birds, Scarlet Tanagers, Hummingbirds, Sparrows, Vermilion Flycatchers, Green Herons and Whip-Poor-Wills (Nightjars).

Nature Adventure

Las Casitas de San Jose has an abundance of native wild life to see, enjoy and photograph. A few, but definitely not limited to these, include whitetail deer, wild hogs, jackrabbits, javelinas, ground hogs, snakes, spiders, insects, horned lizards, foxes, badgers, bobcats, raccoons, coyotes (if not seen for sure you’ll hear them) plus others. You can walk the nature trails, sit in the bird & deer blinds, sit by the pond, or just relax on the front porch and watch what goes by.

Ranching Adventure

San Jose Ranch is a working cattle ranch which can give you an exciting and unique experience. Some of the activities you get yourself into are:

Feeding the cows by hand, ride the Big Green tractor, collect eggs from our friendly chickens, repair fences, repair windmills, put out salt blocks, fill the deer protein feeders, check the cameras, help in a Round-Up to ship the steers to college and much more. There is always something to do so if you just want to be a part of this adventure, jump in as we can always use an extra cowhand.

Laid Back Adventure

Some may want just to have that time to think and enjoy the quiet time with an afternoon Bar-b-que you cook up yourself after a day of just doing anything that meets your fancy. No schedule, no timetable, just what you feel like doing at the moment.

Wildlife Viewing Adventure

This special adventure will take you all over the San Jose Ranch to enjoy and hopefully see those special animals. Your time can be spent in deer stands, birding blinds, walking the monte megote, exploring, bad boy buggy riding, spot lighting, pond watching, all with your camera at the ready. This is an adventure that will lead you to see many different animal, plants, insects, snakes and who knows what else. It is a mission that is both relaxing and exciting trying to see all that you can. We urge you to have eagle eyes, sharp ears and lots of well-spent patience as the wildlife are smart and hide. As you find your best method then your senses can really be used to spot and photograph that special prize.

Lovers Get-Away Adventure

To be together with no one else, Las Casitas offers you this serene setting where your can find that special tingle in each other’s heart. A place to get to know each other in a location where no one else will bother you. You can share with each other aromatherapy, massages, candle light showers, watch romantic movies, take quiet walks, have a hunting blind honeymoon and watch the stars. Your deepest feeling can be discovered while “finding” each other at your special place in time.

Family Adventure

Take a break from the every day life to get to know your family better. Too many times our life revolves around schedules and a lot of “have to do’s” that we don’t stop and water our own family garden. Come visit this special place in South Texas to find out more about each other. Your day can be filled with many simple activities to allow you to really talk to each other. How long has it been since you flew a kite, skipped a rock over water or went tadpole hunting? Never you say—well try this laid back experience and see how it opens the heart and mind to true communication. Make a camp fire and tell tall family tales, ghost stories or just enjoy roasted marshmallows on a stick.

Star Gazing Adventure

The stars at night are big and bright…deep in the heart of Texas. South Texas that is, San Jose Ranch, Las Casitas to be exact!!!! Connect with the universe, sip from the Big Dipper and catch a falling star. Feel the velvet black of God’s celestial majesty. From the front veranda of your private cabin you can discover a new planet, name your personal constellation, find Orion’s Belt, or finger-trace Cassiopeia’s chair. In awe you will whisper your thanks to the Maker of the Stars. Do it all at Las Casitas de San Jose. We’ll provide the beds and kitchen, porch, pond and sky, literature and star maps. You bring whatever else you need to be happy.

South West Mountain Biking Adventure
(no mountains included)

Over the ground squirrel mounds and thru the Monte Mucho to Las Casitas de San Jose you go! It’s just you and your trail bike leaving white clouds of caliche in the wind behind you. Sweat in the blazing sun or feel the cool of the early morning, swerve and twist through the mesquite and prickly pear or brake for a road runner or a rattle snake. Encounter, you pick…your call. Be tough, be wild, be smart, be free, and be there.

San Jose has many miles for riding or walking nature trails through the virgin Monte Mucho ranch land. It comes with an amazing assortment of cows, coyotes, snakes, thorn brush, birds, horned toads, ants, horse flies, spiders, hogs, whitetail deer, scorpions, chickens, dogs, cats, and an occasional bobcat.